On God Lyrics – Jesus Is King – Kanye West

On God Lyrics – Jesus Is King – Kanye West

On God Full Song Lyrics - Jesus Is King - Kanye West
On God Lyrics –

[Verse: Kanye West]
So much weight on your side
Except when that’s your Lord and Saviour, I reply
Thy should love thy neighbor, not the bride
I’m alright, that’s on God
His lights shinin’ brightest in the dark
Single mothers know they got my heart
And all my brothers locked up on the yard
You can still be anything you wanna be
Went from more than four to more than three
Thirteenth amendment, God it ain’t end it, that’s on me
Need a good commander, ain’t it chief?
That’s on Keef, that’s on God
Before the ranch, I had horses to put to the crop
On the Forbes cover, but you’re small garage
They had the chain, then snatched it, that’s all pride
Oh my God, what’s the lesson, all, we try
When you thought the Book of Job was your job
The devil had my soul, I can’t lie
Life gon’ have some lows and some highs
Throwin’ Grammys, never get enough
I wore my heart on my sleeve, I couldn’t hide
They know the pretty told me not to drive
I place my head up every time I go to die
But I survived, that’s on God
I can tell they else is someone [?]
The greatest always wrestlin’ over lies
That’s on L.A. Reid, that’s on Christ
That’s on Jah, that’s on God
Off the three records he survived
The IRS want your fifty plus our tithe
Mandness over [?] or the black
I feel tried, that’s on God
That’s why I charge the prices that I charge
I can’t be out here dancin’ with the stars
No, I cannot left my family scarred, I go hard, that’s on God

(Yo Pi’erre, you wanna come out here?)
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay

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