Habitual Lyrics – Justin Bieber – Changes

Habitual Full Song Lyrics - Justin Bieber - Changes

Habitual Lyrics –

Always ready, I’m on, still makin’
[?], be stable
Earth keeps spinnin’ around, we’re breathin’
Snowflakes fall, my love for you’s habitual, yeah

Just to think that we’ve been out here this whole time
Workin’ through the seasons
Never crossed paths ’till we had a reason
Now there’s worst days, I’m ridin’ past
See no repercussions
You never get enough, I’m more than [?]
What you want, what you want
Not for me forever, no, it’s not so traditional, yeah, no
Never ungrateful for it, this how we would run, yeah

Our love is habitual, yeah
There ain’t nobody treat me like you…

Always right in the moment
Used to make up
Every [?] through the same
Eyes keep Spinning around
We’re breathin’
So grateful
I’ll be yours habitual (yeah)